Somatic Witch: An Interview with Andrea Glik

May 8, 2021

Join us for a wide-ranging conversation with somatic trauma therapist and educator Andrea Glik. Topics we cover include: Trauma and the polyvagal theory Being a sex-positive therapist Working with internalized oppressions as a form of cognitive distortion caused by trauma Digital minimalism Finding accessible and politicized language around trauma healing The word witch as a … Read more

Psychedelics, Madness, & Awakening Conference: An Interview with Tehseen Noorani and Erica Hua Fletcher

April 9, 2021

Join us for a conversation with Tehseen Noorani and Erica Hua Fletcher where we discuss the origins and highlights of the Psychedelics, Madness, and Awakening Conference, as well as each interviewee’s personal research and links to these subjects. Topics we cover include: Why madness is excluded from psychedelic therapy and left outside the emerging conversation, … Read more

Embodying the Unbroken: An Interview with T. Aisha Edwards

March 11, 2021

Join us for a conversation with T. Aisha Edwards where we discuss recovering from complex trauma, somatics for liberation, Radical Rest, and so much more. Topics we cover include: Unburdening the impacts of socialized oppressions for POCs and Queer/Trans folks Using healing justice to support folks on the front lines of racial justice uprisings The … Read more

Radiance and Burnout: A Mini-Episode with Jacks

February 5, 2021

Today Jacks shares a mini-episode update on how they’re handling pandemic fatigue and parenting burnout, grieving the loss of things like getting fancy before a live audience, hoping we all get to feel more radiantly alive sometime soon, and why they’re taking a little break from releasing podcast episodes. To suggest a guest for us … Read more

Possibility Magic : An Conversation on Healing, Liberation, and Spirit with Wheels Darling

January 14, 2021

Join us for an interview with Wheels Darling where we discuss her path towards becoming an acupuncturist, herbalist, and health educator with an anti-oppression analysis. Topics we cover include: Mutual aid as medicine Coming of age as full-time activist  Possibility magic as a tool and anti-oppression lens Becoming a healer and educator Choosing to pursue … Read more

photo of Crystal Davis

Always Already: BIPOC Healing and Magic with Crystal Davis

December 30, 2020

Join us for a wide-ranging conversation with Crystal Davis of Blooming Fire Healing where we discuss how magic helps us survive, becoming a BIPOC healer, and much more. Shapeshifting Learning to live with depression Becoming a healer and reiki master Being a “feral witch” (or Crystal’s term for solitary magical practitioners) Building relationship with the … Read more

Queer Journey of a Somatic Earth Artist: An Interview with Ahjo Sipowicz

December 10, 2020

Join us for a conversation with Ahjo Sipowicz where we discuss their path into radical embodiment and the creation of their book EarthBodyBoat. Coming into wholeness as a neurodivergent, genderqueer creature Meaning-making and integration after altered state experiences Using scores and performance to connect with the earth and ourselves Freeing the rivers dammed by patriarchy … Read more

The Future is Ancient: An Interview with Israel Francisco Haros Lopez

November 25, 2020

Join us for a conversation with Israel Francisco Haros Lopez where we discuss how art saves lives, how ancestors help us, the evolution of the Alas de Agua Art Collective, and much more. Poetry of the people Healing and respecting ourselves Moving beyond the spirit of the colonizer that lives in all of us How … Read more

Centered Accountability: A Mini-Episode with Jacks McNamara

November 13, 2020

Today So Many Wings’ host Jacks brings you up to date about why Sascha is on leave from So Many Wings, and discusses topics including centered accountability, navigating harmful behavior, forgiveness, transformative justice, and love. Links to relevant resources: 9 Ways to Be Accountable When You’ve Been Abusive article by Kai Cheng Thom: Book: … Read more

Becoming a Radical Therapist: An Interview with Danni Biondini

October 26, 2020

Join us for a conversation with Danni Biondini where we discuss her path from radical mental health activist at the Icarus Project to becoming the Chair of the Community Mental Health Department at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). Topics we cover include: Coming of age as a radical activist in San Francisco Rebuilding … Read more