We are honored to be able to share with you some of the resources we had a hand in developing during our years working with The Icarus Project and the Institute for the Development of Human Arts. They were collective efforts with many people’s voices included in them. Please credit The Icarus Project or IDHA as appropriate and share them widely with others. Will Hall is the author of the Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off of Psychiatric Drugs.


Navigating The Space Between Brilliance And Madness: A Reader & Roadmap Of Bipolar Worlds

A Reader & Roadmap Of Bipolar Worlds (10th Anniversary Edition)

This book emerged out of our website, the Icarus Project, which has been helping a brilliant and disparate group of folks find ways to talk about manic depression that make sense to us, the people living with it, and helps us to live better lives rather than backing us into corners. This book began as a way of bringing these conversations onto the written page and into the hands of people who might not spend time on the internet. It has evolved to be a set of alternative roadmaps for people like us who are trying to take care of ourselves and live out our dreams.” Almost 100 oversize pages of ‘mad pride’ and analysis.


Friends Make the Best Medicine

We’ve outlined a bunch of ideas to help you gather people together to start exploring all the brilliance and confusion we hold inside. We hope these suggestions spark you to start talking, yelling, screaming, dancing, making art, and collaborating on changing the world around you. We hope you make it a little less gray and lonely and cold. We hope you find words for all the pieces of you, even the jagged ones full of scars, and we hope you can put them together with the community around you and discover that you are not actually alone. There are so many of us out here and we’re waiting for you to join us in all your crooked beauty and madness.


Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs

The Icarus Project and Freedom Center’s expanded 52-page guide gathers the best information we’ve come across and the most valuable lessons we’ve learned about reducing and coming off psychiatric medication. Includes info on mood stabilizers, anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, risks, benefits, wellness tools, withdrawal, detailed Resource section, information for people staying on their medications, and much more. Written by Will Hall, with a 14-member health professional Advisory board providing research assistance and 24 other collaborators involved in developing and editing. The guide has photographs and art throughout, and a beautiful original cover painting by Jacks McNamara.

##About the Expanded 2nd Edition

The new second edition has expanded Resources, scores of new collaborators and Advisors, new topics, more detail on the reducing and coming off process, and additional ideas for harm reduction and staying on medications. Thousands of people worldwide have used this Guide to help themselves and people they know become more empowered around medications, including coming off. Even professionals and mental health agency staff have been downloading the free guide, to fill gaps in their own knowledge and give to their clients. Now the Guide in its second edition is even better, incorporating reader feedback and new ideas.


Navigating Crisis Booklet

When you or someone close to you goes into crisis, it can be the scariest thing to ever happen. You don’t know what to do, but it seems like someone’s life might be at stake or they might get locked up, and everyone around is getting stressed and panicked. Most people have either been there themselves or know a friend who has been there. This is a really concise, useful document to help you and your people think about how to handle psychiatric crisis situations.

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