About the hosts

So Many Wings was founded by Jacks McNamara and Sascha Altman DuBrul.  Sascha is currently on leave from So Many Wings while he is involved in some accountability processes related to past incidents of harm. When those are addressed more fully, he will be returning to So Many Wings and we will offer an episode with more details.

Jacks McNamara is a genderqueer writer, artist, parent, healer, and facilitator based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Jacks is the co-founder of The Icarus Project (now known as the Fireweed Collective). Jacks is also the author of the poetry collection Inbetweenland and co-author of Navigating the Space Between Brilliance and Madness. They have facilitated radical mental health workshops and performed poetry across North America and Europe. Jacks is passionate about paint, plants, magic, social justice, and parenting a wondrous little daredevil. Their activism and art are the subject of the documentary film Crooked Beauty. Jacks offers somatic coaching and intuitive counseling locally and by video to amazing folks all over the world. Find out more at www.jacksmcnamara.net. You can also find Jacks on Facebook and Instagram.