Photo of Laura Mae Northrup

Episode 8: Healing from Sexual Trauma with Psychedelics & Entheogens: A Conversation with Laura Mae Northrup

July 23, 2020

Join us for a conversation with Laura Mae Northrup where we discuss her podcast Inside Eyes and the therapeutic use of psychedelics and entheogens in healing sexual trauma.  Topics we discuss include: Entheogens as a “a spiritual remedy for the spiritual wound” of sexual trauma. Understanding sexual violence within a political context. The relational nature … Read more

Episode 7: Art and Trauma Therapy for Immigrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers, with Isabel Ribe

July 9, 2020

Join us for a powerful conversation with bilingual art therapist Isabel Ribe on her work inside and outside of US detention centers, her poetry and painting, and frontline community organizing to build a more just world. Content warning: There’s a beautiful and powerful poem at the end of this podcast that has descriptions of gender … Read more

Clare Bayard holding signs

Episode 6: Mentorship and Collective Liberation: A Conversation with Clare Bayard

June 24, 2020

Join us for a wide ranging conversation with Clare Bayard where we discuss her 20+ years of organizing in grassroots multiracial struggles for collective liberation, and the role of somatic healing work and the importance of mentorship for intergenerational movements of resistance. Content warning: interview includes mention of sexual trauma and white nationalism. Topics we … Read more

Episode 5: We’ve Been Too Patient, A Conversation with L.D. Green

June 10, 2020

Join us for a conversation with L.D. Green, in which we discuss their contributions in radical mental health movements, the anthology We’ve Been Too Patient, which they co-edited with Kelechi Ubozoh, and their practice as a writer.  Topics we discuss include: Labels and language in radical mental health movements.  Representation of queer and trans folks … Read more

Episode 4: The Waves and the Water, a conversation with emiko yoshikami

May 28, 2020

  Join us for a conversation with emiko yoshikami where we discuss her contributions to The Icarus Project, her practice of Buddhism, and her work in surrogate partner therapy. Topics we discuss include: Critiques of “mental health” and biomedical understandings of “mental illness”  Experiences of deep empathy and burnout in meaningful work  Reliance on intuition … Read more

Episode 3: Urban Agriculture and Racial Justice

May 13, 2020

Join us for a conversation with Kanchan Dawn Hunter about the trajectory of her decades of social justice work, raising children, and specifically the ways mental health, racial justice and urban agriculture are all intertwined. Kanchan talks with us about her work to support black and brown women in farming and herbalism, and her efforts … Read more

Episode 2: Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness

April 29, 2020

Join us for an epic conversation as Jacks and Sascha interview David Treleaven about his work in the realms of trauma, mindfulness, and social justice. Some of the topics we explore together include: What would allow people to be as safe, powerful, and liberated as possible inside a contemplative practice? Is it irresponsible to ask … Read more

Episode 1: Queer Nature

April 10, 2020

In this episode, Jacks and Sascha interview Pınar and So Sinopoulos-Lloyd from Queer Nature. We discuss everything from mythological remediation, challenging the colonial psychopharmaceutical system, and experiencing parallel realities to mystery as a primary need, ecological ancestral co-regulation, and that true identity can only be found in the collective. It’s a really exciting interview! Full … Read more