The Future is Ancient: An Interview with Israel Francisco Haros Lopez

November 25, 2020

Join us for a conversation with Israel Francisco Haros Lopez where we discuss how art saves lives, how ancestors help us, the evolution of the Alas de Agua Art Collective, and much more. Poetry of the people Healing and respecting ourselves Moving beyond the spirit of the colonizer that lives in all of us How … Read more

Centered Accountability: A Mini-Episode with Jacks McNamara

November 13, 2020

Today So Many Wings’ host Jacks brings you up to date about why Sascha is on leave from So Many Wings, and discusses topics including centered accountability, navigating harmful behavior, forgiveness, transformative justice, and love. Links to relevant resources: 9 Ways to Be Accountable When You’ve Been Abusive article by Kai Cheng Thom: Book: … Read more

Becoming a Radical Therapist: An Interview with Danni Biondini

October 26, 2020

Join us for a conversation with Danni Biondini where we discuss her path from radical mental health activist at the Icarus Project to becoming the Chair of the Community Mental Health Department at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). Topics we cover include: Coming of age as a radical activist in San Francisco Rebuilding … Read more

Life Isn’t Binary: An Interview with Meg-John Barker

October 8, 2020

Join us for a multi-faceted and life-affirming conversation with writer, writing mentor and independent scholar Meg-John Barker where we discuss their wide ranging thoughts on gender non-conformity, plurality, consent, ‘anti-self help,’ and participation in queer and other subcultures. Topics we cover include: What it means to write an “anti self-help book” Plurality and trauma The … Read more

Season 2 Episode 3: Getting Beyond Ourselves with Erica Fletcher

September 24, 2020

Join us for an intimate and far reaching conversation with scholar, educator, and media producer Erica Hua Fletcher where we discuss contemporary mental health social movements, community health and healing, identity politics, and the rise of Mad Studies.  Topics we cover include: The limits of terms like “madness” and “mental health” The many useful lessons … Read more

Season 2 Episode 2: The ‘I’ in the Storm: A Conversation with Richard Schwartz

September 10, 2020

Join us for a wide ranging conversation with Dick Schwartz where we discuss everything from the origins of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model to the role of Self-Leadership in contemporary social justice movements. Topics we discuss include: How it’s the nature of the mind to have multiple parts The role of legacy burdens in … Read more

Photo of Issa Ibrahim

Season 2 Episode 1: Outsider Art, Racism and Madness with Issa Ibrahim

August 27, 2020

Join us for a conversation with Issa Ibrahim where we discuss how racism has affected his experiences of madness and institutionalization, and how radical creativity and underground community led to his escape. Topics we discuss include: Coming of age as a black man in Queens and being driven “crazy” by racism.  Smuggling internet into an … Read more

Photo of Laura Mae Northrup

Episode 8: Healing from Sexual Trauma with Psychedelics & Entheogens: A Conversation with Laura Mae Northrup

July 23, 2020

Join us for a conversation with Laura Mae Northrup where we discuss her podcast Inside Eyes and the therapeutic use of psychedelics and entheogens in healing sexual trauma.  Topics we discuss include: Entheogens as a “a spiritual remedy for the spiritual wound” of sexual trauma. Understanding sexual violence within a political context. The relational nature … Read more

Episode 7: Art and Trauma Therapy for Immigrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers, with Isabel Ribe

July 9, 2020

Join us for a powerful conversation with bilingual art therapist Isabel Ribe on her work inside and outside of US detention centers, her poetry and painting, and frontline community organizing to build a more just world. Content warning: There’s a beautiful and powerful poem at the end of this podcast that has descriptions of gender … Read more

Clare Bayard holding signs

Episode 6: Mentorship and Collective Liberation: A Conversation with Clare Bayard

June 24, 2020

Join us for a wide ranging conversation with Clare Bayard where we discuss her 20+ years of organizing in grassroots multiracial struggles for collective liberation, and the role of somatic healing work and the importance of mentorship for intergenerational movements of resistance. Content warning: interview includes mention of sexual trauma and white nationalism. Topics we … Read more