Somatic Witch: An Interview with Andrea Glik

Join us for a wide-ranging conversation with somatic trauma therapist and educator Andrea Glik. Topics we cover include:

  • Trauma and the polyvagal theory
  • Being a sex-positive therapist
  • Working with internalized oppressions as a form of cognitive distortion caused by trauma
  • Digital minimalism
  • Finding accessible and politicized language around trauma healing
  • The word witch as a healing term, reclaiming ancestral trauma
  • Finding your voice as a healer & therapist

About Andrea:

Andrea Glik, LCSW is a somatic trauma therapist, supervisor, and educator. Andrea specializes in treating trauma, nervous system dysregulation, and PTSD, prioritizing women, survivors, and queer & trans folks. She utilizes neurobiological, body-based and feminist therapy practices to help clients feel safe in the present and come home to themselves. Andrea practices online, lives on stolen Osage & Sioux land at the confluence of the Missouri, Mississippi, and Illinois Rivers. She can also be found on Instagram @somaticwitch and at

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