Season 3 Episode 1: Survivors as Healers: An Interview with Will Hall and Jacks McNamara

Can survivors be therapists – and even be better at it? This interview is re-broadcast from Madness Radio. Jacks McNamara – poet, trauma healing coach, and co-founder of The Icarus Project – joins Will Hall – advocate, counselor and founder of Madness Radio – to discuss the calling to become a therapist/counselor/coach inspired by their own struggles and survivor mutual aid. Topics discussed include

-What makes a “good therapist”? 

-Is mutual aid and friendship enough or do we need professional healers? 

-How does sharing your trauma and oppression with clients affect working as a therapist? 

-What about licensing and credentials – can they get in the way of truly helping people? 

-And is a therapist at heart a wounded healer?

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