Mad Liberation: An Interview with Vesper Moore

Join us for a wide-ranging conversation with Vesper Moore. Topics we cover include:

  • Getting involved with the Mad Liberation Movement
  • How disability, ableism, and saneism intersect with “mental illness”
  • Survivor led mutual aid spaces
  • Decolonizing the gender binary
  • De-pathologizing the experiences that get diagnosed and labeled under the western mental health paradigm
  • How restrictions on psychedelics and the western medical model’s suppression of indigenous culture are interconnected.
  • The history and reemergence of Madness Network News.

About Vesper:

Vesper Moore, is a mad liberation activist, trainer, writer, and psychiatric survivor. They have been advocating as a part of the mad movement for several years and have been the recipient of many social justice and diversity awards.

Vesper has brought the perspectives of mad people, disabled people, and psychiatric survivors to national and international spaces. They have experience working as a consultant for both the United States government and the United Nations in shaping strategies around trauma, intersectionality, and disability rights. They have been at the forefront of legislative reform to shift the societal paradigm around mental health. Vesper as a mad queer indigenous person has made it their life’s mission to rewrite the narrative psychiatry has enforced on our society.

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