While So Many Wings is a labor of love, it is not without cost. Things like bandwidth, web hosting, recording equipment/software, etc. are not free and can really add up each month; and then there is the time spent recording, editing, and producing the shows.  We would also love to be able to start doing things like transcribing our episodes, which takes more resources. Any donation, albeit large or small, will be greatly appreciated. 🙂

The easiest way to be a sustaining support of the show is to join with a monthly donation on Patreon. The easiest way to make a one-time donation is via Paypal.

We will use Patreon income first and foremost to pay our production team and cover our technology costs. The more Patrons we have, the greater our ability to bring you rad interviews and special stories!

If you are interested in sponsoring an episode or advertising with us for airtime shoutouts, we encourage you to contact us here.

If you are interested in bringing the So Many Wings Crew to do a ‘live recording’ at your conference, academic institution, or other gathering, we invite you to contact us.