Embodying the Unbroken: An Interview with T. Aisha Edwards

Join us for a conversation with T. Aisha Edwards where we discuss recovering from complex trauma, somatics for liberation, Radical Rest, and so much more.

Topics we cover include:

  • Unburdening the impacts of socialized oppressions for POCs and Queer/Trans folks
  • Using healing justice to support folks on the front lines of racial justice uprisings
  • The Emergent Liberation Collective podcast
  • The trauma-informed stabilization model
  • Parts work: unblending and befriending

About Aisha:

Aisha Edwards, LMHC (xe/she) is a somatic trauma therapist, healer, writer, performance artist and fire breathing light warrior. She uniquely weaves Gestalt, Somatic Experiencing, early developmental movement, Neuro Emotional Technique, ancestral healing and concepts from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Herbalism into a holistic approach to emotional and spiritual health that fosters the sovereign  relationship with the body as the vehicle to wellness, wholeness, connection and liberation from all forms of oppression. 

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