Possibility Magic : An Conversation on Healing, Liberation, and Spirit with Wheels Darling

Join us for an interview with Wheels Darling where we discuss her path towards becoming an acupuncturist, herbalist, and health educator with an anti-oppression analysis.

Topics we cover include:

  • Mutual aid as medicine
  • Coming of age as full-time activist 
  • Possibility magic as a tool and anti-oppression lens
  • Becoming a healer and educator
  • Choosing to pursue an advanced degree/medical license
  • Dynamic transformation, sacred openings, nervous system repatterning, cognitive reframing, and the magic of dreaming and thinking bigger
  • Being a healthcare worker during COVID
  • Connecting to ancestral earth-based spirituality
  • Cultural appropriation in spirituality and medicine

About Wheels:

Wheels Darling is a queer acupuncturist, herbalist, body worker, healer, educator, witch, and collaborator of educational projects. They are based in the place currently called Portland, Oregon. Wheels is particularly excited to work in the places that are in between, the liminal spaces between what was, what is, and what could be. She uses this imaginal vantage to dream up educational programs, treatment plans for her patients, health equity plans of action, intimacies with her family, friends, lovers, communities, the larger world of humans, and all that is other than human. 

Wheels specialty is that she is a generalist. She’s studied literature, political economy, herbalism, East Asian Medicine, queer and feminist theories, revolutionary and radical movements, ways of honoring each of the beings of this planet, histories and stories of those not represented in normative history books, magic, euro-pagan-earth-based spirituality, somatic healing, creative writing, and many other forms of Liberation Studies.

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