Season 2 Episode 3: Getting Beyond Ourselves with Erica Fletcher

Join us for an intimate and far reaching conversation with scholar, educator, and media producer Erica Hua Fletcher where we discuss contemporary mental health social movements, community health and healing, identity politics, and the rise of Mad Studies. 

Topics we cover include:

  • The limits of terms like “madness” and “mental health”
  • The many useful lessons learned from researching The Icarus Project and other forms of peer support
  • The multiple and complex gifts and traps of embracing identity politics 
  • The growth of the Mad Studies field in the academy and beyond
  • Critical psychiatry and how public mental health care can be radically transformed

About Erica:

Erica is a scholar, educator, and media producer based in Los Angeles, California (Tongva land). She currently serves as a co-president of the Anthropology and Mental Health Interest Group, in association with the American Anthropological Association's Society for Medical Anthropology; and this fall, she is starting a postdoctoral fellowship at UCLA, where she will be doing research on issues related to veterans recovery and resilience. Erica writes about contemporary mental health social movements, community health and healing, and carework; her scholarship and course offerings span the health humanities, social medicine, mad studies, and social work. She has taught at four public universities, most recently at the University of California at Irvine. 

Find Erica online:

  • On the web:
  • On Social Media: Instagram @erica.hua 

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