Episode 8: Healing from Sexual Trauma with Psychedelics & Entheogens: A Conversation with Laura Mae Northrup

Join us for a conversation with Laura Mae Northrup where we discuss her podcast Inside Eyes and the therapeutic use of psychedelics and entheogens in healing sexual trauma. 

Topics we discuss include:

  • Entheogens as a “a spiritual remedy for the spiritual wound” of sexual trauma.
  • Understanding sexual violence within a political context.
  • The relational nature of healing sexual trauma
  • The racist basis of psychedelic exceptionalism and arguments for decriminalization.
  • The therapeutic use of entheogens/psychedelics with folks who experience altered states without the use of medicines.

About Laura Mae Northrup:

Laura Mae Northrup is the creator and host of the podcast Inside Eyes, a series that explores the use of entheogens and psychedelics to heal sexual trauma.  She is a practicing psychotherapist and educator. Her work focuses on defining sexual violence through a spiritual and politicized lens and supporting the spiritual integrity of our collective humanity.  She is a champion of living more fully engaged and responsible lives through the healing use of entheogens and psychedelics.  She lives and works in Oakland, CA.

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