Episode 4: The Waves and the Water, a conversation with emiko yoshikami


Join us for a conversation with emiko yoshikami where we discuss her contributions to The Icarus Project, her practice of Buddhism, and her work in surrogate partner therapy. Topics we discuss include:

  • Critiques of “mental health” and biomedical understandings of “mental illness” 
  • Experiences of deep empathy and burnout in meaningful work 
  • Reliance on intuition and spiritual exploration in the fight for social justice 

About emiko:

emiko lovingly identifies as a queer, crazy, half-breed, ho. She is interested in how our lives are made meaningful through language and the stories we tell. Through Buddhist wisdom and political engagement, emiko is committed to co-creating a more just and compassionate world. She lives in a small flat in San Francisco with 3 other housemates.

Find emiko online:

On the web: healingintimacy.org

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