Episode 2: Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness

Join us for an epic conversation as Jacks and Sascha interview David Treleaven about his work in the realms of trauma, mindfulness, and social justice. Some of the topics we explore together include:

  • What would allow people to be as safe, powerful, and liberated as possible inside a contemplative practice?
  • Is it irresponsible to ask people to “be with what’s here” if we don’t have an analysis of the social conditions or trauma they may have experienced?
  • How the language of “mental illness” can often end up masking larger social factors
  • The power of mindfulness practice in empowering us to grow our social justice movements.

About David:

David Treleaven is a writer, educator, and trauma professional whose work focuses on the intersection of trauma, mindfulness, and social justice. He is author of the book Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness: Practices for Safe and Transformative Healing which has been incorporated into a number of meditation teacher training programs around the world. 60% of the proceeds from David's book are being donated to three organizations that are challenging systemic conditions that create and perpetuate trauma: generative somatics, the Sogorea Te Land Trust, and Black Lives Matter. 

Find David online:

On the web: https://davidtreleaven.com/

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trauma.sensitive.mindfulness

On Instagram: https://instagram.com/trauma.sensitive.mindfulness

Podcast: https://davidtreleaven.com/podcast-2/


Links to resources that were mentioned:

generative somatics

Sogorea Te Land Trust

Black Lives Matter


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